ESI Stage II Advanced ESI


Stage II – Advanced ESI is a two-day workshop exploring the more advanced levels of ego states in relation to brain function. It is available to those students who have already completed the Certificate Level Course in ESIBy completing this course you will be equipped to work more efficiently with dysfunction.

The theory behind ESI is cutting edge neuro-dynamic. The ESI Mapping Tool has been developed and trialled in Australia by Jan Sky and received international recognition as breakthrough theory on ego states. “The lineage from the first understandings of ego states to this book (The Many Parts of You, Sky, 2009) is clear: Federn, Weiss, Watkins, Emmerson, Sky.” (Gordon Emmerson, PhD 2009).

Course Overview:

esi-logo-2014-300Stage II – Advanced ESI will prepare you to work across a variety of workplace areas, giving you a greater understanding of the brain and its function in relation to ego states. You will become proficient in using the Mapping Tool in both a therapeutic as well as a workplace situation. This tool is now considered a highly relevant Counselling and Coaching model. By attending this advanced workshop you will learn how to navigate the social landscape of the brain in relation to:

  • How ego states develop in the brain

  • Neural networks and how they relate to ego states and behavioural tendencies

  • Mirror neurons and how to work with them effectively for change
  • Helping clients to understand and manage mood and panic disorders
  • Understanding simple trauma and generalized anxiety disorder using ESI maps
  • Using ESI maps with children
  • Using ESI maps with couples

We will teach you interventions that will set you apart from your colleagues and help you build a reputation in your industry that grows your business.

Who should attend? Coaches, Counsellors, HR Managers, School Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists


More about Your Facilitators

Jan Sky is an author, speaker, coach, corporate trainer and the creator of ESI®. She is passionate about developing people to their full potential and will teach you how to navigate the social landscape of your brain.

Jan is recognised as an international expert on behaviour change and her work is acknowledged in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Her book “The Many Parts of You” has been translated into Finnish and she is a captivating facilitator that turns the difficult into simple.

Michelle Taylor

Michelle has been training and facilitating groups since 1993 for corporate, business and community settings.  In the last 13 years Michelle has become a Psychologist and a Coach and brings to ESI a high level of energy, fun and understanding of people and positive psychology to the learning environment. 

She prides herself in using a creative application of current research to facilitate not just new learning, but real and lasting change.

ESI has International Partners in Finland and New Zealand who continue to develop a highly effective tool to bring about change.

INVESTMENT $660 (includes gst) 

EARLY BIRD $550 (booked and paid for two weeks prior to scheduled date)


Workshop Details:

Two day workshop exploring the more
advanced levels of ego states in relation to brain function.


Key Learning Outcomes

  •  Ego states and change
  •  Working with challenging states
  •  The Coaching model
  •  Working with fear, rejection and
  •  The brain and its’ functions –
    navigating the social landscape
  •  Mental Health and Wellbeing of
  •  Relationship counselling using ESI

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