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Both Jan Sky is a compelling presenters, in the area of behaviour change, leadership and people development.

Jan Sky‘s clarity and unique presenting style motivates her audience towards emotional and intellectual understanding of their own psychological blocks. She is known as the behavior change specialist and has received international recognition for the development of her process of ESI – a psycho-dynamic tool to empower personal and team change.

Speaking topics include:

  • The Many Parts of You, Understanding the puzzle of your behaviour – based on her book of the same name, Jan will take you on a journey of discovery to truly understand how your parts or states impact upon your performance.  She will give case study examples of clients she’s worked with and the amazing results they have achieved.
  • Managing Your Stress – from both a psychological and physiological perspective Jan will demonstrate how stress impacts your health and well-being.  You’ll discover your Stress Loop as well as your very clever Neural Loop and learn skills and techniques to overcome all types of stress.
  • Discomfort is the price of admission to a Meaningful Life – You’ll be enthralled by Jan’s interpretation of the gift and power of emotional courage.  Learn how to work with your emotions to your advantage and never ever deny the power of acknowledgement. 
  • Emotional Well being – Learn from a neuropsychotherapy perspective the key elements that ensure you stay on top of and manage your emotions appropriately.  The audience will gain an understanding of how the three pillars of strength lead to a true sense of self actualization and well being.
  • Navigate the Social Landscape of Your Brain – using neuro science, emotional intelligence  you will gain an understanding of the states of behaviour present in you in given situations.  Some are appropriate and support you while others inhibit conversation, interactions and fun. With self-awareness and understanding of who you are, discover how to move from one state to another effortlessly.



ESI Speaker - Jan Sky & Michelle Taylor

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