ESI Consultants

ESI Consultants

An ESI Consultant has passed the necessary requirements enabling them to use the ESI Mapping Tool proficiently. Some ESI Consultants have continued their ESI training to become more proficient in the understanding of the brain and its development.  All of these people are practicing, dedicated individuals and their names are listed below.

 COUNTRY    CITY     NAME                                                       
 Australia   Gold Coast          

 Jan Sky – ESI Director


Michelle Taylor – ESI Director   

Executive State Identification Portraits. Darwin Photo Shane Eecen. Creative Light Studios.


 New Zealand       Auckland 

Anita Moleta – ESI Partner 

 Anita Moleta NZ
 Finland  Helsinki/Khumo

Kati Sarvela – ESI Partner


Kati Sarvela, Finland


Stage II – Advanced ESI training – these consultants are using the ESI mapping tool at an Advanced Level

 Country City Name Email
 Australia   Sydney                    Justine Watt                                  
   Perth/Hobart            John Kural                              
   Perth    Jennifer Burke
   Perth   Christine Carter
   Perth  Lyn Robinson
  Central Coast NSW Danny Lewis
  Central Coast NSW Linda Elsey
  Sydney Katherine Ferris
  Sydney Beryl Bachell


Level I – ESI Certificate level training – these consultants are proficient at using the ESI mapping tool

 Country City Name Email
 Australia Perth   Kristan Smith                                  
  Perth   Deidre Nevins                                 
  Sydney                   Kellie Kanaar
  Sydney Janine Rod
  Perth  Beverley de la Harpe
  Perth  Azra De Passey
  Perth  Amanda Hassall
  Perth  Lyn Robinson
  Perth  Simon Teshome
  Perth Julie Teshome
  Perth Pummi Nagra
  Perth Hayley Froggatt
  Perth Justine Watt
  Perth Michelle Constance
  Perth Kathryn High
  Perth Jennifer Burke
  Perth Sirpa Lahti
  Perth  John Kural
  Perth Julie Harris
New Zealand Pukekohe Marguerite Lane-Cooke  
  Auckland Erin Fleming                                   
  Auckland                  Nicole Chappell
  Auckland Tracey Gordon
  Auckland Sheryl Stacey
  Christchurch Warren Mason
Finland  Helsinki Jannecke Lindqvist
Australia Kingaroy Qld Kevin Robinson
  Bundaberg Qld Karen Martin
  Brisbane Qld Chris Town
  Brisbane Qld Annette Knight
  Brisbane Qld Nicole Armit
  Brisbane Qld Craig Gibson










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