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Developing Productive People Through Sustainable Change

Successful athletes understand the power of coaching as do innovative companies.  Coaching can help career minded professionals increase their performance at work while maintaining a better lifestyle overall.

We develop productive people through sustainable change with our unique Coaching methods, expanding innovative thinking, unblocking mindsets and promoting creativity.

Resilience Coaching is an investment in the potential of senior leaders. You owe it to yourself and your people to make this investment.

Jan Sky comes with over 30 years of experience working with individuals and corporate clients to bring about brain and behaviour change.  Her unique style and methodology is supported by the latest neuroscientific theory and evidence based knowledge.

A recent study of Executive Coaching in a Fortune 500 firm by Metrix Global reported “a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the businesses. Among the benefits to executives who received coaching were improved working relationships with direct reports, better conflict resolution, job satisfaction and team work”.

When you leave unwanted or inappropriate behaviors unaddressed in the workplace you are inhibiting your organisation’s growth and potentially affecting bottom line.  You’ll notice that profits will begin to decrease, morale will become unhealthy and productivity will drop! Disengagement begins to filter through and before you know it, your workforce is down.

ESI Corp has been designed to engage and transform individuals and work teams to perform at their ultimate best!  Using current day neuro-scientific techniques, tested strategies and proven results, we will transform your workplace to peak performance with our unique COACHING methods.

Let us help you to uncover the unspoken truths.  Allow us to uncover what lies beneath the surface of your organisations innovative growth into the future. 

Ask one of our Senior Coaches about how we can support your organisation’s growth TODAY!

Jan Sky, Neuro-psychotherapist, Resilience Coach, Behavior Change Specialist and founder of ESI –  

Corporate Coaching for Senior Executives                 

Successful business leaders engage in the continued learning of new skills while moving out of daily rituals in order to stimulate whole of brain activity and increase their smarts!

Our coaches are behavior change specialists who use the latest neuro-scientific techniques along with Positive Psychology to bring about significant change and give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. 

We work with leaders who are open to learning new skills, prepared to be guided down different pathways and keen to make changes to their behavior. Our coaching has a significant impact on brain development and your overall sense of motivation rises. You will embrace new and innovative ideas and your thinking will become highly agile.

Executive Coaching

This coaching focuses on neuro-scientific methods of engendering increased motivation along with effective and efficient operational procedures into the workplace. 

The most immediate result of this training is a significant improvement in overall morale which is quickly reflected in higher returns.

Our coaches work to develop whole of brain activity which enables neural firings and impacts neural structure, ultimately increasing productivity, health and overall job enjoyment.  This is ultimately reflected in the team’s increased effectiveness.

By enhancing performance and developing leadership or team-building skills, workplace relationships improve.

Personal Executive Coaching

This type of coaching is often initiated by the individual and maybe paid for personally or by the company. Motivations may vary but often they revolve around personal skill development, achieving balance, handling stress, managing people, overcoming conflict, understanding corporate politics, career advancement or transition.

Our coaching offers performance building to engage and transform you which enables you to make a difference in your workplace and life.

By using current day neuro-scientific techniques, tested strategies and proven results, our coach will help you will transform the way you view your world.  Once you are open to learning new skills, prepared to be guided down different pathways and keen to make changes to your behavior, brain development occurs and your overall sense of motivation rises.




  • If you hear an idea 10% 10%
  • If you decide to do it 35% 35%
  • If you decide when you’re going to do it 40% 40%
  • If you plan how you’re going to do it 50% 50%
  • If you tell someone you’re going to do it 65% 65%
  • If you set up a time to report back to that person on how you did 95% 95%
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