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  • ‘The Many Parts of You’
  • Understanding the puzzle of your behaviour.
  • Written by Jan Sky.

ESI a Powerful Tool that Motivates Change

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ESI Courses

For Coaches, Counsellors,
Healthcare Professionals
Stage I – Certificate Course
Stage II- Advanced ESI ®
Stage III – Intensive Accredited Course

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ESI Speakers

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Corporate Model:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Restore workplace harmony
  • Ensure increased profit margins
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esi-logo-2014-300 ESI … the mapping tool that brings about positive change

When you’re not clear about the direction your career or life is taking, or as a manager, when you’re unclear how to shape the dynamics of your team, things can feel a little overwhelming. Like anything else in life, achieving goals requires a well thought out plan and a consistent ‘push’ in the right direction.

Understanding those underlying behaviors that either support or inhibit your direction is the first step on the road to reaching a desired level of success and satisfaction. Whether you are an individual seeking direction or a manager that seeks to strengthen your team and your leaders, ESI can help determine where you need to focus your development efforts in order to strategically achieve success.